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Paul: I believe so. St. page not foundthe page you requested does not exist . Duh. It was really interesting.


Malachi Martin, the priest, wrote his Hostage to the Devil and all of his nonfiction stuff that were all bestsellers about Americans like you and me having exorcisms because Satans everywhere. Grady: Yeah, well, thats what I mean. Its from a few years ago, and the guy who made that made a recent one that didnt get as much attention because it doesnt have Idris Elba in it, called Apparitions. The demon point of view is, We just want out of hell. Grady: Youre right. It was Gretchens first novel. Im like, because thats so useful in an exorcism. AndersonKevin J. I.


You went, Oh, thats her mom. I mean, I will have to look those up. Regan is happy and healthy and doesnt remember a thing, everyone smiles, and everything has been restored to fit Blattys religious world view. Grady: Which I love. Its really amazing.


We watched horror movies together a lot. MonteleoneElizabeth MoonModean MoonTracy S. He makes a big deal in one of the reels I saw that they know martial arts. Grady: Like Paul, it was originally a title before it was anything. They would say, Well, didnt you see them levitate? We all saw it.


I think I would have been alright with the second twist if it had been built up to better, but its hard to talk about without spoilers. Its supposed to be based on that one back in the 40s. Ebook Amazon (Kindle) Kobo (epub) Barnes & Noble (epub) (mobi/Kindle, epub, pdf) Trade Paperback Amazon Barnes & Noble Audiobook Amazon Audible . Paul: This sounds like a perfect adult kids book, like a pop-up book. Is it true, Grady, that your wife read the first draft and was like, Uh, this sucks. Its been a very fun year with peoples reaction to it. Grady: [Laughter] I am so glad I didnt grow up in your house, dude. d680c458d3

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